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Friday, 27 July 2012


My belated blog!
Yesterday I was going to blog about the wonderful amazing Lars Von Trier film Meloncholia, I was that overwhelmed by it that I just went to sleep in awe!

I was in two minds whether or not to watch it, I have watched other films from this wonderful director but I was very unsure about whether or not I'd enjoy this one as much. The end of the world and depression are very deep and difficult topics.

Would you like to know the one word and the only word that I could say once it had finished?


That was it, 3 simple The composition and structure of the film was phenomenal and I found myself dragged into this world, this traumatising and terrifying world.

The use of colour, of silence, of bare skin on all complimented each other so so well.
I also loved the way that he ran the story of a collision of two planets alongside the story of two sisters colliding with their trying to save the other.

Im still mind blown at the experience that was Meloncholia, such deep emotions bought out of the viewer by such an amazing film.

Words have succumbed me, I love it.
Simple, best film I have ever seen.
I will analyse it in more depth next time I watch it, I just thought I would let you all know just how much this film has captured and inspired me!

All I can say is, WATCH IT! NOW! GO!

Thanks for reading, x