Imogen Cunningham

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jan Assessment

Today was my 20% assessment for my Fine art Studio module, unfortunately Col my tutor was ill. This meant that I was to be assessed by two tutors that did not know me or my practice, I personally feel that this is a massive disadvantage to me as I felt uneasy about presenting to the two tutors I did not know.
However, I decided to go in with an open mind and show just how proud I was of the work that I had done for my first assessment.
How wrong could I have been?
It was possibly one of the worst 45 minutes of my life, I got completely and utterly grilled about everything that came out of my mouth. Everything that I said was apparently wrong and I also got told that I need to actually have an idea and stop messing around. This really upset me as the whole idea that I had for this semester and this year was to play around with different ideas and find what my practice truly is.

My overall assessment mark was 49% which to me is highly disappointing. Im deflated. Have no motivation and frankly quite upset about the whole experience.
Hopefully i'll pick myself back up again and get going but right at this moment I cant see this happening...