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Friday, 30 September 2011

New to this


As you can probably tell i'm very new to all this blogging stuff, so forgive me if none of this makes sense or it takes a while for me to get things up and running.
Well to start, I am in my second year at Sheffield Hallam studying Contemporary Fine Art. I started my degree straight from A-levels without a foundation course, so as you can probably gather have experienced a massive leap in further education and I can assure you it has been a bit of a struggle. However, I am a very determined person and I feel that such a leap has made me grow not only as a person but as an artist as well. I no longer have a teacher holding my hand, the ONLY person I can rely on is me and the only thing I can do is get on with it.

So, I thought creating one of these wonderful things would keep all of my work archived and also give people a chance to browse and see what they like or dislike and give me some feedback! (I would much appreciate this by the way!!) I'm going to attempt to upload some images of old and new work and explain some of them...
Anyway, I now realise that I am majorly rambling but thanks for reading if you actually got this far and take a look at my work below and see what you think.

Wire Work - During my A-levels I was encouraged to try and use as many materials as possible, experimenting in different ways. Over the last few years I have worked with wire, sticks, tissue paper and paint creating a series of different objects and works. The image below was part of my voodoo project, I created a few wire structures of my own individual idea of 'voodoo dolls'.

As well as wire structures, I have experimented with paint. I love painting and have made a lot of paintings over the past few years, the paintings on this blog are a selection of my strongest and not so strong pieces.

 Below are a few more images of work that I have done, including my photography which I am currently starting to develop and role plays, textiles work and modelling.

Role Play - I created a character (a clown) and documented it through photography and extended through to making models and boards etc.


Drawing - Here are a selection of observational drawings.

So, I think i've plied you with enough work for now...i'll blog again soon.